Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes

9:00 AM Classes

Like Christ For Kids

Following Pastor Jeff’s fall sermon series “Like Christ”, this series will help parents teach their children to make good choices, treat others kindly and live like Jesus. Join us as we discover Jesus’ characteristics and how we can teach them to our children from toddlers to teenagers.


In this Bible study, bestselling author and pastor, Andy Stanley, shows you that Jesus’ invitation to his first-century audience was really an invitation to relationship. It began with a simple request-follow me. Join this transformational journey through the gospels as Andy traces Jesus’ teaching on what it means to follow, and prepare to see your faith radically changed.

The Work-Faith Connection

This class will use a resource called The Freebird Project to start meaningful conversation around the intersection of our work lives and our spiritual lives. We will use our work experiences and our individual journeys with God to understand how we can experience more freedom and rest in our day-to-day lives. 


10:30 AM Classes

Cast of Characters

This class will look at story after story marked by scandal, stumble, and intrigue. Who are these people? They’re the people of the Bible. And they’re us. We find our stories in theirs. We find our hope where they found theirs, in the hands of an uncommon God.

Sermon Downloads

This class, taught by the pastoral staff, will look at the morning sermon in more detail each week. Together the class will dig deeper into the Biblical text of the sermon and have a discussion about how to apply the sermon to life. The goal is a deeper understanding of God’s word that leads to life transformation.

Next Step

The Harvest’s Next Step Classes are a place to learn how to better follow God, discover who we are as a church, connect with others and learn how to use your God-given gifts to serve our church, community and world. One of the steps will be offered every Sunday of the month. We suggest attending the classes in order of weeks 1-4, but join us even if you can’t