Check-in and Safety


Our check-in system ensures your child is checked into the correct room and that we have the ability to communicate with you should we need to for any reason. Our staff and volunteer team are here to make sure your child has a safe and fun experience in Kidz Connect.

If you are a first time visitor, please fill out a Family Information Form found at any computer check-in station. Please drop it off in the nursery or hand it to one of our staff or greeters. Temporary nametags are available to fill out on your first visit. During the week your information will be entered into the computer system, and your family will be ready to use the computer check-in station the following week. 


Everyone on the Kidz Connect Team, including all staff and adult volunteers, have criminal background checks conducted by an outside agency on a regular basis. They receive ongoing training on best practices, classroom management, as well as our Safe Sanctuary policy. We always practice a two adults or line of sight rule. Every classroom has a window to the hallway, providing easy visibility to the activities in a class.