TRANSFORM is a 24-month initiative to grow in our obedience to the mission God has given us at The Harvest: “Transform lives by connecting people with God and to one another.” We are being challenged to take a step of faith, to move beyond what is easy and expedient to something that has a deeper and more lasting impact. The Harvest is a lighthouse to this part of our world, shining the light of Christ to those struggling in the darkness. It is a mission station where people can rest and refuel before returning to the mission field. It is not just a place where people come to receive but also a place from which people are sent to serve. Our goal is to raise $5 million over the next two years to fulfill our calling to be a difference maker – to Transform Lives, Transform Our Community, and Transform Our  World.


Transform Videos

Two Years of Transform 2.18.2018 

Transform Lives 2.25.2018